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NED - Numeric Evaluation Device


NED is an experimental CPU architecture.

The folders nedsim/, nedasm/ and neddis/ form a simulator, assembler and disassembler for the NED architecture. More details can be found in the README.md located in the top level directory of each sub-project.

A passive front panel, found in the nedfp/ folder, works in conjunction with nedsim.

Among other things, the docs/ folder contains an architecture manual, instruction reference, and compatibility matrix for the various parts of NED.

The software/ folder contains assembly programs written for the NED architecture.


Everything from the Architecture Manual is implemented except the CMPSWP instruction.

The calculator located under software/ provides a tested, working example.


A convenience makefile is included in this top level directory with targets make all and make clean which will compile/remove nedsim/nedasm/neddis. Binaries can be used in place or manually copied where desired.