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This is a simple program that converts raw binary data into a paper-tape image compatible with SIMH’s load command.

For example, I commonly use it when transfering compiled PDP-11 code into SIMH with the output of:

pdp11-aout-objcopy --only-section=.text --output-target binary program.out program.bin


Tested and working on Linux and FreeBSD.


The Makefile provides targets for all, install, uninstall, and clean. Edit the Makefile to set $PREFIX for alternate installation paths. By default it installs to $HOME/bin.

Once compiled and added to your $PATH, simply provide a raw binary blob as input and receive a SIMH compatible paper tape image as output.

If provided via the -a flag, the paper tape will load at the provided address in memory. If not provided, this defaults to 01000 (1000 octal).

bin2load -i /path/to/input -o /path/to/output -a 01000