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Project Description Owner Last Change
Computing History
simh-images Collection of classic software snapshots and instructions for running them in simulators. Aaron Taylor 2 days ago
unix-history Continuous source code history from original PDP-7 UNIX to FreeBSD 2, the first fully... Aaron Taylor 50 years ago
pdp11-211bsd-simh 2.11BSD disk image configured for SIMH PDP-11 simulator and associated files. Aaron Taylor 2 weeks ago
pdp11-bin2load Convert binary blob into paper tape image loadable by SIMH PDP-11 simulator. Aaron Taylor 2 weeks ago
pdp11-bin2pdp Set of programs to load binary data into memory via serial port, bootstrapping a... Aaron Taylor 2 weeks ago
pdp11-unix-fusefs FUSE fs driver compatible with PDP-11 UNIX filesystems. Aaron Taylor 3 days ago
Programming Languages
pforth Fork of 'github/philburk/pforth', a portable ANS-like Forth written in ANSI C. Aaron Taylor 2 months ago
vvhitespace A programming language using only whitespace, plus implementation of Hunt the Wumpus. Aaron Taylor 6 months ago
Unix Tools
icmpmonitor Monitor hosts via ICMP ping and execute user hooks when host goes up/down. Aaron Taylor 13 months ago
cmless Comprehensible, extendable, minimal CMS for publishing a filesystem-based website... Aaron Taylor 2 weeks ago
gitweb-sgk Fork containing customizations to gitweb as used on Aaron Taylor 2 weeks ago Content for Aaron Taylor 2 weeks ago Content for Aaron Taylor 3 days ago