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Project Description Owner Last Change
Computing History
simh-images Collection of classic software snapshots and instructions for running them in simulators. Aaron Taylor 10 days ago
unix-history Continuous source code history from original PDP-7 UNIX to FreeBSD 2, the first fully... Aaron Taylor 51 years ago
ned1 Simulator and tools for NED1, a 32-bit RISC stack machine. Aaron Taylor 21 months ago
obfuscated-c A repository of simple programs written in obfuscated C. Aaron Taylor 7 weeks ago
surreal-numbers Notes associated with the book Surreal Numbers by Donald Knuth. Aaron Taylor 5 weeks ago
pdp11-211bsd-simh 2.11BSD disk image configured for SIMH PDP-11 simulator and associated files. Aaron Taylor 7 months ago
pdp11-bin2load Convert binary blob into paper tape image loadable by SIMH PDP-11 simulator. Aaron Taylor 5 months ago
pdp11-bin2pdp Set of programs to load binary data into memory via serial port, bootstrapping a... Aaron Taylor 7 months ago
pdp11-memory-test Baremetal memory tests for diagnosing memory failure patterns. Aaron Taylor 5 months ago
pdp11-modern-c Template for writing modern C targeting bare-metal PDP-11. Aaron Taylor 5 months ago
pdp11-unix-fusefs FUSE fs driver compatible with PDP-11 UNIX filesystems. Aaron Taylor 7 months ago
Programming Languages
pforth Fork of 'github/philburk/pforth', a portable ANS-like Forth written in ANSI C. Aaron Taylor 9 months ago
vvhitespace A programming language using only whitespace, plus implementation of Hunt the Wumpus. Aaron Taylor 10 days ago
Unix Tools
icmpmonitor Monitor hosts via ICMP ping and execute user hooks when host goes up/down. Aaron Taylor 20 months ago
screensavers Collection of hacks (screensavers) for use with XScreensaver framework. Aaron Taylor 11 days ago
cmless Comprehensible, extendable, minimal CMS for publishing a filesystem-based website... Aaron Taylor 7 months ago
gitweb-sgk Fork containing customizations to gitweb as used on Aaron Taylor 6 days ago Content for Aaron Taylor 7 months ago Content for Aaron Taylor 3 weeks ago
Xeon Phi
sgk-go Fork of GNU Go supporting Xeon Phi coprocessors (and other modifications). Aaron Taylor 3 weeks ago
xeon-phi-kernel-module Port of Intel kernel module included with MPSS 3.8.6 to newer Linux kernels. Aaron Taylor 5 weeks ago